Is Your Child A Pokemon Go Addict? Preventative Physiotherapy Now Will Save Them From Medical Problems Later


If your child is wandering around the neighbourhood looking for Bulbasaur and the other 150 characters that make up the new Pokemon Go game, you are no doubt delighted at the sudden burst of enthusiasm to get outdoors. However, if you notice an increase in complaints about neck pain and headaches, then their new found craze is having a negative impact. Preventative physiotherapy now could save you from big medical bills later, and these are the points you need to know.

What Does Pokemon Go Have To Do With Ill Health?

Parents worldwide are marvelling at the fact that their kids are willing to head outside to hunt down these little cartoon characters, but the problem is they are heading outside with electronic devices. Walking around with a head bent over to look at an electronic device takes its toll within a short space of time.

You must remember that a human head weighs between 2.30 and 5 kg depending on the age of the person. However, once the neck bends forward, the weight of the head increases. In 2014, SBS media published a chart showing how much the weight of an adult head grows depending on the angle of the neck. Even just a 15-degree tilt can make the head feel 7 kg heavier.

Even though your child's head is lighter than that of an adult, this increase of weight puts an extra strain on their neck muscles and their spine when they are walking around engrossed in Pokemon Go.

Preventative Physiotherapy

You need to organise preventative physiotherapy for your child at the first sign of regular neck stiffness, headaches and a general feeling of heaviness in the neck or spine area. There are two ways a physiotherapist can help stop the neck problems from worsening:

  1. Learning correct posture to have while using an electronic device is the first step in combating future aches and pains. A physiotherapist will show your child how to roll their shoulders back, tuck in their chin and to hold the device at eye level without dropping their head.
  2. Exercises to make the neck and back muscles stronger are the second step in recovery. Side neck stretches involve pulling the head gently to each side for 30 seconds, and this stretch loosens the neck muscles. Pulling shoulder blades back and retracting them for 30 seconds helps to release the tension in the shoulder muscles. When the shoulder muscles are no longer tight, your child will stand with straighter posture instead of slouching.

Don't let a love of Pokemon Go remove the health benefit of your kids walking around outside and exercising away from the television. Physiotherapy can make sure they don't end up feeling sore while they chase the most elusive Pokemon characters.


29 July 2016

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