What Are Damon Braces and Reasons to Consider Them


In years past, the main treatment option available for orthodontic therapy was metal braces. Although these dental braces would get the job done, they came with an array of inconveniences such as pain and being conspicuous. As such, you would find adults who require tooth straightening would steer clear from orthodontic treatment simply due to aesthetics. In this day and age, there are an array of options you can consider ranging from Invisalign braces to Damon braces. So what are Damon braces? 

Damon braces are designed with a self-ligating mechanism. This mechanism is made up of a movable component that entraps the wire in the dental braces. Hence the elimination of the need for additional components such as metallic or elastic ties to keep the braces in place throughout the duration of the orthodontic treatment. Unlike metallic dental braces that have brackets used to tighten the braces, Damon braces employ a slide mechanism. As such, the braces naturally adjust themselves as your teeth begin to realign. 

What are the reasons why you should consider Damon braces? 

Damon braces are less conspicuous than metallic braces: One of the biggest advantages of Damon braces for orthodontic treatment is that they are more discreet than conventional braces. Since these braces do not have any ties connecting the brackets together, they look less bulky in the mouth.Additionally, you can opt for clear brackets, which would not stand out when compared to conventional metallic braces. It should be noted that these braces are not completely invisible as they still have a thin metal wire that connects the brackets together. 

Damon braces have a reduced treatment time: Another reason to consider Damon braces over conventional metal braces is the reduced treatment time. Additionally, Damon braces do not require extensive in-office maintenance during the treatment period. This is especially beneficial to individuals who would like to reduce their dental visits while undergoing this therapy. Since the Damon braces are self-litigating, you will not be required to visit your dentist to have your braces tightened. 

Damon braces are more comfortable: Conventional metal braces can be quite painful to get used to in the beginning. In addition to this, there are high chances of nicking your gums or inner cheeks with the various ligatures that make up the metallic braces. Damon braces tend to be a more comfortable option since they naturally adjust with your teeth rather than being painfully tight. Additionally, the fewer components on the Damon braces decreases the chances of inner mouth injuries. 

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29 July 2016

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