Skin Clinic | 3 Ways To Get Rid Of Premature Age Spots On Your Skin


Age spots are blackish and brownish spots that occur prematurely when your sun is exposed to skin often without enough protection. These spots typically occur because your skin is producing excess melanin through increased sun exposure or natural ageing. When you notice signs of age spots, visit your skin clinic immediately. Your dermatologist may recommend these ways to get rid of premature age spots on your skin.

Your Dermatologist Will Prescribe Bleaching Creams And Medications

Your dermatologist will prescribe some medications and bleaching creams to remove these age spots over time. These bleaching cream contents include steroids, retinoids and hydroquinone for diminishing these spots over time. Bleaching creams are not an instant solution. In fact, they may take several months to show results. You must wear sunscreen when you apply these bleaching creams to your skin because they can make your skin sensitive to sun damage. If you have sensitive skin, these bleaching creams can sometimes be irritating to your skin. Your dermatologist may then prescribe an alternative solution to stop your skin irritation.

Your Dermatologist May Prescribe Some Age Spot Removal Creams

Many bleaching creams contain ingredients that can irritate your skin. To prevent this, your dermatologist may prescribe some age spot removal creams available at chemists. These creams will help to treat the problem of excess melanin and skin pigmentation gradually. Keep in mind that they may take a while to work. You will need to visit your dermatologists regularly, so that they can check the progress of these age removal creams. If these don't work, you may have to undertake an alternative medical solution.

Your Dermatologist Will Suggest Some Medical Procedures

Some medical procedures will help to diminish the presence of age spots on your skin. Your dermatologist will establish the extent of your age spots before arriving at an appropriate medical treatment solution for your specific skin type. For some skin types, laser treatment is a good solution for destroying excess melanin producing cells. For other skin types, surgery may be undertaken to freeze age spots. Chemical peels are also ideal solutions for burning the outer skin layer. Once the outer skin layer is removed, new skin will grow without the age spots. Your dermatologist will suggest wearing protective sunscreen after any of these treatments to ensure that your skin heals properly without further UV damage.

If you have age spots because of spending too much time in the sun, head over to your skin clinic to make an appointment with a dermatologist to get rid of them. Your dermatologist may suggest some of these solutions.


18 August 2016

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