Will my drug use show up on my pre employment medical?

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For many job roles, it will be compulsory that you undergo a drug and alcohol test as part of your pre-employment medical. For people who have been indulging in some recreational drug use during their unemployment, this can be a worry. Here are some indications of how long each drug will be in your system. 


Alcohol is quickly expelled from your body as it is generally passed through at a rate of 1 standard drink per hour for women and 2 standard drinks an hour for men. This means that you will generally be considered as passing as having no alcohol in your system if you have not drunk alcohol in the immediate period before the testing. Urine testing can detect that you may have indulged in some alcohol in the 80-85 hours before the testing, but this is generally not evidence that can prevent you from getting a job.

Stimulants and party drugs

Stimulants such amphetamines or cocaine are also detectable in urine tests. These are generally detectable for 2-5 days after the last usage, with the exact time that they are detectable depending on the dosage consumed as well as the size of the person who has taken the drug. There are some products which profess to clean out the urine quicker than this, but these are generally not successful because the rate of the testable byproducts of the drug turning up in the urine is a function of the liver and kidneys, and this is not sped up by any over the counter products.   


Marijuana is one of the most commonly used illegal drugs. Urine testing can detect heavy marijuana use for up to 30 days. More infrequent use can clear up more quickly so, if you do get notified that you will get drug tested at your pre-employment medical, it is a good idea to stop using marijuana immediately even if you have used it during the previous few weeks. This gives you the best chance of passing the test, and it puts you in a great position to start your new job. 

If you are looking for a job and know that you may need to take a pre-employment medical with alcohol and drug testing it's a good idea to abstain drug use. These tests will reveal drugs that you have taken, and over the counter products are ineffective in changing the results.    


18 August 2016

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