When a Dental Infection Needs Immediate Care

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There are a lot of signs that can occur to signal a problem with your teeth and gums, from teeth and jaw pain to bleeding or sensitivity with hot and cold temperatures. While some of these problems are just a cavity or the need for a root canal, others are more severe infections that need to be addressed. Here are some signs that you have a severe infection that needs immediate care.

You Have Severe Pain

You can usually tell the difference between mild dental pain from a minor toothache or infection and severe pain that requires emergency help. With severe pain, it is almost constant and becomes debilitating. You feel like you can't concentrate at work or you don't even trust yourself to drive or function normally because the pain is so bad. It is at this point when you should call the dentist immediately, no matter what time of day it is. It is possible that your dentist will call in a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers or will meet you at their office even after hours. The alternative is to see an emergency dentist at your local hospital.

Your Face is Swelling

Another common sign of having a dental infection is having some swelling, though with less severe infections it is often very mild and something you can deal with until your dentist opens the following day or after the weekend is over. If the swelling doesn't bother you or get in the way of anything, you should be fine. However, if the swelling of your face is so bad that it is actually causing pressure or pain on your face or head, or if your throat is starting to swell up and cause difficulty breathing, then it is time to seek emergency help. This type of swelling might be from an abscessed tooth, which requires help sooner rather than later.

You Have a High Fever

You should never ignore a high fever, whether it is from an infection or not. High fevers tend to be common with the more advanced dental infections, especially if you have had more subtle signs for a while that you have been ignoring. As the infection gets worse, the pain tends to worsen, and then you start to get a fever. If you start feeling ill along with other signs of an infection, take your temperature. If the fever is high, either call an emergency dentist or head to the local emergency room for help.


19 August 2016

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