Understanding What an Ultrasound Can Show You

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Medical investigative imaging comes in many forms. When you're familiar with one type, it's normal to wonder why your doctor is referring you to another. Unlike x-rays, ultrasounds are adept at identifying problems with soft tissues and blood flow. If you're about to have one, it may help to understand what they can look for and why they're an appropriate imaging modality.


The first condition you may associate an ultrasound with is pregnancy. Unlike x-rays, ultrasounds do not emit radioactive waves that could disrupt the development of a foetus. Instead, the imaging technician uses their machine to bounce soundwaves through your abdomen and off your developing baby. The image they see in return is a real-time view of how your pregnancy is progressing. Using this information, they can determine amniotic fluid levels, foetal growth, sex and more.

Cysts and Tumours

If you find a growth, a scan is one of the first steps towards identifying whether it is due to a cyst or a tumour. Tumours feature dense tissue and so they can appear bright and white on a report. In contrast, cysts contain a lot of fluid and so there is less tissue for the ultrasonic waves to bounce off. As a result, the growth will appear dark. In both cases, a sonographer can use their tools to guide a biopsy, which can give you better insights into your medical state.

Blood Flow

In order for your blood to flow, your vessels need to maintain a certain form and width. A variety of conditions can impact this, including a build-up of fatty plaque throughout the arteries and vessels collapsing. A vascular ultrasound can help your doctors identify and grade a range of vascular conditions. Sound waves bounce through to the blood vessels and highlight how the blood is moving and the speed at which it is flowing. In conditions such as peripheral vascular disease, this type of imaging can help you discover your treatment options.

Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is a common condition that can arise from heavy alcohol consumption and weight gain. Some of the treatment options include lifestyle changes, such as reducing the amount of alcohol you consume and switching to a healthier diet. If you want to know how your lifestyle changes are progressing, ultrasounds can help. They can identify changes in the fatty tissue surrounding your liver, which may then boost your morale when continuing with those changes.

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28 June 2021

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